Step By Step Guide

Do you ever wonder how you can unlock your iPhone 4? Well, there are two known methods for the modification and one involves using a kit and the other one is through a software program. You may follow the steps below to perform the device enhancement by using an application.

Steps To Unlock iPhone 4

1.Firstly, download the needed software to get started. You can do that here: Unlock Software

2.  Go to the Springboard and then tap on the Cydia installer to launch it. After launching the application, the Cydia main menu will be displayed on the screen. You will see several buttons especially at the bottom part of the screen. You may then click o the Manage tab which is located in between the Search and Changes tabs.

3.  Select the “Sources” option among the three items presented at the Manage page. You will see a list of options at the Sources page and if you se the software’s repo, just skip the steps below and proceed to step 8.

4. If there’s no repo among them, just click on the Edit button located next to the text that says “Sources”. Click on the Add button and then continue by typing the source url of the software.

5. You will have two options after entering the url, once is the Add Source button and the other one is the Cancel button. Just click on the first option to add up the url.

6. The screen will turn black once the source has been added and all you have to do is go to the bottom art of the page and the tap on the Return to Cydia button. Hit on the Done button the the upper part of the Sources screen.

7.  At the Sources screen, you will see a list of installed packages or of sources entered by users.  Select the software’s url among the options.

8. Once you are in the repo666 page, select the item that says the software’s name.

9. Go to the top right part of the screen, click on Install and then followed by the Confirm button.

10. Click on the Restart Springboard button to complete the whole modification process.

Again, to get started you’ll need the correct software. Visit: Unlock Software

It can be a lot easier and safer to use a software program instead of using the SIM kits method. If you perform the technical changes using any of the kits available in the market, it can be both risky and expensive. Using an application is a lot better since it allows you to hack your device without any trouble at all.

How To Run Windows On Mac

Follow the steps below to run it using Apple’s Boot Camp: (also works for iPhone 4/4s)

1.  You first need to install Boot Camp and before you do it you need to ensure that the Windows copy on the bootable disk is original, that you have backed up your device, that you have a USE stick or blank CD and that you have 16 GB of free space on the Mac’s hard disk.

2.  Go to the Utilities folder and find the Boot Camp Assistant. Make sure that you have administrator rights on your Mac in order to do the changes.

3. Create a partition for Windows by choosing your ideal size and by clicking on the Partition button. It is important to note that you need to get at 5 GB and o leave 5 GB or free space once the installation is finished.

4. Once you click on the Partition button at the lower part of the Boot Camp Assistant window, the tool will then begin partitioning a part of the hard disk drive of your Mac for Windows.

5. You will be asked to use the Windows installation disk and to do a restart once the partitioning process is completed. Once you do, your Mac will then have the Windows setup loaded up.

6.  When you are asked to choose where to install, choose the partition that you recently created namely the one that’s labelled BOOTCAMP.

7. Format it, run the installation procedures for Windows and allow Mac to boot up into Windows.

8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install relevant drivers and make sure that all third-party backup services you install are compatible with Boot Camp. After the installation you are then frr to run Windows on Mac.

Hactivation Using (SAM)

Hactivation iPhone using (SAM) is a process that allows users to free their devices for other mobile carriers. If you have successfully done this with your device you will be able to use other SIM cards or take advantage of the services of other mobile operators. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Get you jailbroken device and then launch Cydia.
  2. In the Subscriber Artificial Module package of Sam Bingner’s just tap on the Manage tab, then Sources and the Edit button.
  3. Enter and then tap on Add source. This will then allow Cydia to verify the Url and then install it.
  4. You may then install SAM and SAMPrefs once the package is already installed by following the steps below:
  • Search for SAM by tapping the Changes tab.
  • Once you see the list of search results tap on SAM, the install button and then the Confirm button.
  • Once you are prompted with the Reload Springboard button just tap on it.
  • Doing the steps above will install SAM and then SAMPrefs.
  1. Go through the Settings menu to enter SAM or look for the SAMPrefs  icon in the springboard. Bear in mind that you need to be equipped with the SIM card that you plan to use in your phone.
  2. Click on “De-Activate iPhone” in the utilities to deactivate your ActivationState.
  3. Once SAM is enabled select “By Country and Carrier”. You need to look for your carrier and if in case your carrier is operating two or more Carrier ID just select “SIM ID”.
  4. Go to More Information to find the SAM details, copy the IMSI and tap “Spoof Real Sim to Sam”.
  5. In the main SAM screen, alter the Method to manual and then paste the IMSI string you copied in the previous step.
  6. Have your device connected to the computer and let iTunes reactivate your phone. Once you see the “Phone Number” parameter on the device screen just double-click on it and ensure that the ICCID matches your SIM card.  Bear in mind that you need to start from step one if they are not matched.
  7. You may then disconnect your phone, close iTunes and disable SAM.
  8. Reconnect to iTunes and once you see an error message just close iTunes and reopen it.
  9. You will then see the signal bars and this means that you have successfully hactivated your device.

Doing the steps above will allow you to utilize the push applications benefits, the services of other carriers and the extended battery life of your device. It can be quite easy just as long as you properly follow the exact instructions given.

You also need to make sure that before you start doing the steps you are already done performing the jailbreaking process as it is a pre-requisite to hactivating your device. It is also imperative that your device can be activated in iTunes and that you know what mobile carrier your phone is locked to.